Worthy of the Wait

Daphne, morphing into laurel, said,
        "No thank you.  I'd rather turn to wood if not to stone."

Bolina, jumping into the surf, said,
        "No thank you.  I'd rather drown in Poseidon's parlor."

Hestia, double-bolting the front door of her house, said,
        "No thank you.  I'd rather hide in my cellar and drink old wine."

Cassandra, packing her crystals and incense into her bag, said,
        "No thank you.  I'd rather win my prizes alone."

But Kyrene, pulling him close to her heart, said,
        "Apollo, if you ever left me,
        I'd rot like old wood,
        I'd drown in an ocean of my own tears,
        I'd go down to the Underworld and not be seen again,
        And there would be few treasures in my life.
                I want you to stay with me,
                And share
                An orchard, laden with ripe fruit,
                A lake, sparkling with pure, blue water,
                A home, filled with gladness and love,
                And all the riches of Spirit."

-- Phoebe Lyra, 2002

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