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I'm Kyrene, founder of Hellenion, a Hellenic polytheistic reconstructionist organization online devoted to the study and practice of ancient Greek religion. I am also a Nova Roman citizen, Cyrene Lucretia Corva Apollinaris, where I am Apollinis Templi Sacerdotis.

I am a devotee of Apollon, Dionysos, and Hermes and have virtual temples online to them. In addition, I am a Certified Life Coach with the American Union of NLP and work part time as a psychic and tarot reader.

My beginnings are simple: I got introduced to Greek religion when I felt a call to worship and honor Apollo back in the summer of '97. It was a life changing event for me. I discovered after my introduction to Him all the things I had in common, and He had to offer: music, writing, healing, arts, sciences, singing--all of these things are passions in my life. I even discovered that He is a god of wolves and crows, two animals with which I have had a strong affinity for many years. His significant presense and influence over oracular matters appealed to me, as I've long struggled with prophetic dreams and visions since I was a child. The more I learned, the more I grew to love the god. I personally believe that He was with me before I knew of it, and that He will be with me for the many lifetimes to come beyond this one.

There are many good things that Apollo has brought into my life, and there aren't enough good things that I can do in honor of Him. This website was built as an offering to Him for all the things that He's done for me, to offer information for those interested in honoring Apollo in both Greek and Roman religion, and to provide a modern means of providing spiritual, oracular assistance to those who have questions. I give these divinations as a personal devotion to the god, and assume no special status, titles, office, or what-have-you from them, nor do I desire them. This is simply my way of honoring the god and thanking Him for all that He has done for me. Eucharisto para poli, Apollon!

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