When I am happy,
I feel your warm smile
In the bright sunshine.

When I am proud,
You press one laurel leaf into my palm
And kindly tell me to be careful.

When I am ill,
Your gentle touch
Restores me to health.

When I am sad,
The tears in your eyes
Let me know you understand.

When the world is too much for me,
You lovingly push me down
To be still and take the rest I need.

When I am fearful,
You cover me with a dome of protection
So I can do what I need to do.

When I am worried for others,
You read the letters I write to you
And offer your help to those people.

Apollo, when the Great Logos created you,
It knew that many like me
Needed someone with a heart
That is much larger than we of this world
Could ever describe.

-- Phoebe Lyra, 2002

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