By the Light of Apollo

God of light, purity, and the sun. Patron to poets,
player of the Lyre, deital musician. Child of Leto,
son of Zeus,twin to Artemis. Named Phoebus meaning
bright, show me what it is to have the power.

Delphic by nature, father of Ascelpius. God of prophecy,
creator of the Pythia. god of youth, beauty, and strength.
God of intelligence and reason, I ask thee again. Show me
what it is to have the power.

Lover of Daphne and Cassandra, mourner of Hyacinthus.
Phoebus Apollo Helios, god of the sun, the god of all things
bright and righteous. Sing me a tune along with your beautiful
lyre, crown me with laurels. Show me what it is to have that power.
The power of higher learning is all that I ask.


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