Note About Copyrights, Images, Et Cetera

Everything that is written by me personally is copyrighted by me. The images and logos related to the site are copyrighted by me. The text which is quoted from materials and other authors, from the poetry and prayers section to the information sections on the god and on Greek religion is referenced accordingly where appropriate. The images containing the Greek statues and images of Apollo and of Greek lore in general are not, and all images were obtained from websites that either gave no indication of copyright permissions or were posted publically.

If you come across an image that is copyright and does require either permission to post, a link exchange, or what-have-you, please email me in order to let me know. I have not altered these images or removed copyrights in any way. If they are here and they are indeed copyrighted, it is out of my own sheer ignorance as opposed to maliciousness.


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