Ie Paian

When I am still and I listen
I hear your song and it brings me peace
Like the warmth of the sun upon me
I feel you near
O golden haired archer, shining and radiant
I look up to that bright light through you
Beyond the ineffable
Lord of the song and of truth
I would sing for you gladly to have you near
There is a moment of silence and I pray
For the vision of the warmth of your smile
And your presense always
It beckons in my heart, this gladness
And I know that you with bow outstretched
Are watching over me
Peace fills me
You who gives me dreams and fills me with words beyond words
And songs beyond songs
All from that sparkling Source unimaginable
Shining Lord of Delphi
Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord
Grant me the ability to see where my strength lies
So that I may have the courage to gaze up into your shining face
And spread the joy of your Light to all whom may see and hear
Of you, dear Phoebus
Lord of Light, oh Distant Archer
May you never be distant from me
And near always
For you have my heart and soul
And from the depths of my being
Pours praise and devotion to you, to the heavens above
For thanks that you are near me
That I may somehow touch the sky
And gaze upon it with wonder
As I do your shining face
I adore thee and I call upon thee always
For my heart and you are One,


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