Hail Apollo

Hail Apollo, Protector and Patron.

Beloved and Pure, Blessed and Holy.

Hail Apollo, Agreus Hail!

You are the hunter, the archer.

With your golden bow you protect the wild and keep it safe, and sacred.

Hail Apollo, Ageuieus Hail!

The secrets of the cosmos are known to you.

You share your wisdom with us through prophecy and divination

that we might better understand your will.

Hail Apollo, Aigletes Hail!

Oh Radiant one, your light shines throughout the universe,

and lights our lives. Let us shine forever in the brilliance of your glory.

Hail Apollo, Apotropaeus Hail!

Protect us with your might.

Shield us from the evil which is loose in the world.

Guard us as a father protects his children.

Hail Apollo, Archigetes Hail!

You who guided us to new shores

and aided us in our beginnings, lead us to new shores in the future.

Hail Apollo, Delios Hail!

You, born on new made lands, pure, and clean,

help us to remake our world into one equal to the land of your beginning.

Hail Apollo, Epikourios Hail!

Throughout the ages, mankindís ally, mankindís friend.

Stand with us as we make the long walk into the future.

Hail Apollo, Delphinius Hail!

From the Pythia, your wisdom was released to the people.

Continue to share with us the knowledge you hold,

that we might grow in skill and be worthy of your friendship.

Hail Apollo, Genetor Hail!

Son of Zeus, father of multitudes.

Look on us, your children, with a kindly eye, and keep us safe.

Hail Apollo, Hekatos Hail!

Warrior lord. May your firey shafts keep our enemies at bay.

Hail Apollo, Hersos Hail!

Divine child of the King of Heaven.

Look with favour upon those who love you, and follow you.

Hail Apollo, Iatros Hail!

You art the physician of heaven.

The healer of illness.

May you stand ever vigilant as a shield to protect us from all manner of ailment.

Hail Apollo, Kathirodos Hail!

Leader of the choirs of Olympus.

You take up your lyre, and bring peace to the heavens with your music.

Let your glorious voice bring peace to the world.

Hail Apollo, Korotrophos Hail!

Protector of youth, you the ever youthful.

May your blessings be upon the young people of the world,

that they might grow to be strong, and wise leaders of the future.

Hail Apollo, Musegetes Hail!

You lead the Muses as you sing to the Gods.

Send them to us to share in your wisdom, that they might encourage us to sing your praises.

Hail Apollo, Nymphegetes Hail!

You lend your protection to the nymphs.

To the Oreads of the mountain, the Dryads of the wood, the Naiads of the stream.

Keep them safe, that they might keep our world peaceful and clean.

Hail Apollo, Paian Hail!

Healer of heaven.

Lend your skills to us that we might work to your glory and heal the world.

Hail Apollo, Phoebus Hail!

Oh brilliant one, may your light forever shine upon us, and shield us from the darkness.

- Daniel Adler, 2004
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