"for our god is a consuming fire"

Oh golden, radiant being from whom pours so much light,
a light so bright that You must conceal it in gold,
and reveal it in song, the Word, and vision
Oh consuming fire in my breast,
wordless passionate love that I can barely contain
Your love which fills me until I cannot hold anything but You
Shining with love, oh Virtuous One,
Your voice is music, and Your presence is love, pure love
How I adore Thee!  In how many ways can I begin to speak
of how I feel towards Thee
You fill me with Your light, Your love, Your song
I can hardly get enough of Thee.  I ache for more.

I long for unity, and I pray for You to be near me, always,
I pray to be still, to hear Your music, feel Your warmth,
and bear Your burning song of love in my heart
burning everything away
so that there is nothing more in me
nor of me than Your love,
Your brilliant, ever present, generous, shining love.

-Kyrene ©2002

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